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Be Safe When Leaving for Your Travel Assignment

Travel nursing is an exciting career that allows you to meet new people and see the world. However, savvy nurses take steps to protect their personal and financial security while they’re on the road. A leader in healthcare staffing, Remede Consulting specializes in helping travel nurses find great opportunities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Here…

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How to Answer, “Why Did You Leave Your Last Nursing Job?”

Some of us leave jobs to move on to bigger and better opportunities. However, others jump ship due to trouble with co-workers, and other interpersonal conflicts that don’t look too good on a resume. At Remede Consulting, we pride ourselves on helping candidates through every step of the job application process, including the interview period.…

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Be Aware of How Nursing Injuries Affect Patient Care

Nurses perform a crucial function in society, helping people who are ill or recovering from accidents and injuries. However, in caring for others, nurses often neglect their own health and happiness. As a healthcare facility, failing to be aware of the impact of nursing injuries can have a profound effect on your overall patient care.…

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What Traits Must Travel Nurse Candidates Have?

Nurses have always fulfilled a vital role in our society, and this goes double for travel nurses. Not only do travel nurses visit places both near and far, sharing their skills with other professionals and treating patients in need, but they also allow full-time staff to take much-needed breaks to rest and recuperate. As a…

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Are You More Comfortable With Per Diem Or Travel Nursing?

Are you looking to take a new turn with your nursing career? Travel and per diem assignments both offer RNs the opportunity to expand their nursing horizons while visiting different parts of the country. However, these careers feature a number of differences as well. Here are some of the pros and cons associated with per…

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