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Rehabilitation Services / Physical Therapist

Waco, Texas

Category: Allied

Certification: Rehabilitation Services

Specialty: Physical Therapist




Job Summary:

Physical therapists provide a variety of medical services to help individuals who have been injured or physically affected by illness to recover or improve function. A Physical Therapist must be able to evaluate a patient’s condition and devise a customized physical rehabilitation and treatment plan to enhance strength, flexibility, range of motion, motor control, and reduce any pain, discomfort and swelling the patient is experiencing.


Education: Graduate with a Bachelors degree from an accredited physical therapy program.

Licensure: Current license as a Physical Therapist as required by state law

Experience: One year full time experience as a Physical Therapist

Certification: Current BLS Certification

Duties and Responsibilities

The Physical Therapist is expected to practice safe and ethical care within his/her scope as defined by the State Regulatory Agency under the direction of a Rehabilitation Department Head. The Physical Therapist should understand his/her own limitations, seeking advice and assistance when necessary. Specific duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Demonstrate & articulate sound clinical reasoning in synthesizing complex evaluation data identifying diagnosis and developing a comprehensive plan of care.
  • Develop and update appropriate plan of care in collaboration with the patient/family and related to the person’s age and lifestyle with measurable long and short term goals and a defined D/C plan
  • Understand the role of physical therapy in the context of the patient’s age, total needs perspective and environment
  • Perform age appropriate competency skills in area of practice and with respect to individual patient’s problems.
  • Follow intervention protocols and alter plan of care appropriately.
  • Discharge patient when goals have been met or medical necessity is no longer warrants intervention.
  • Establish provisions for continuing services/follow up as needed.
  • Work cooperatively with supervisors and peers to contribute to the overall productivity of the team.
  • Utilize support personnel (aides, assistants) as appropriate and available.
  • Actively support and participate in patient coverage efforts across all divisions within the department as necessary.
  • Assess the learning needs and capabilities of patients and caregivers.
  • Initiate patient and family education in a timely manner relative to age, LOS, readiness to learn, and emotional status.
  • Utilize appropriate methods and materials for effective learning, monitoring response to education, and adapting program appropriately.
  • Ensure that patient/family understands when and how to access further intervention.
  • Patient care documentation is timely, legible, and efficient.
  • Documentation is concise, pertinent and meets the department’s documentation standards.
  • Oral reporting is clear, concise, relevant, and timely.
  • Cooperates with other personnel to achieve departmental objectives and maintain good employee relations with interdepartmental personnel
  • Accurately report patient status to supervisor
  • Utilize resources and materials in an efficient and safe manner
  • Performs all duties promptly in a competent and caring manner