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3 Leadership Tips For Nursing Professionals

December 15, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

As a working nurse, you probably know how hard it can be to deal with the myriad responsibilities that pop up on a daily basis. Because priorities change quickly as medical emergencies arise, nurses must be able to make fast decisions to keep up. Based in Floral Park, Remede Consulting specializes in helping talented nurses achieve their career goals. Here are some of our top leadership tips to ensure nursing professionals succeed:

Continue Your Education

Want to rise to a leadership position in your hospital or medical facility? Consider going back to school to further your education. Along with keeping up on the latest nursing developments through C.E. courses, aspiring leaders should familiarize themselves with the leadership competencies as outlined by the American Organization of Nurse Executives. Additionally, nurses may opt to further their business management skills with online or community college courses. By focusing on education, you can show hospital management that you are committed to being the best nurse possible and boost your chances of scoring that promotion.

Establish Expectations

As a nursing leader, it’s also important that you set clear expectations for everyone under your employ. To make sure all your nurses are on the same page, set aside time for monthly meetings of the nursing staff. Additionally, you should develop a clear framework for measuring teammates’ progress. Staff members will feel better knowing what you expect, while supervisors will see that you are running a smooth and effective operation.

Practice Time Management

Anyone who has spent time working in a busy medical facility knows that time management is crucial. However, prioritizing effectively is especially important for those nurses who occupy leadership positions. To maximize efficiency on the job, take a few minutes at the end of the day to organize your surroundings, making sure charting has been completed and shift hand off is completed accurately and in a timely manner. You will sleep better at night knowing that you did everything you could to transition your patients to the next shift.

Contact Remede to Advance Your Nursing Career

At Remede Consulting Group, we take pride in matching our nursing professionals with the high-paying positions of their choice at medical facilities around the country. Call our staffing experts today or visit us online for more tips on how to advance your nursing career.