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Get the Staff You Need to Provide Safe, High-Quality Care
Discover the Remede advantage and find passionate, qualified healthcare professionals.
Healthy Staff, Healthy Business: Our Staffing Delivers
The quality of care your facility provides is a direct reflection of the professionals you have on your team. With Remede as your partner, you can trust that we share your dedication to providing safe, efficient and high-quality care. Learn how we can help you find qualified healthcare professionals to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization and the patients you serve.
Transform Your Healthcare Team With Remede

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach. Remede provides tailored staffing solutions to meet specific needs and budget to ensure outstanding patient care for hospitals, clinics, schools, government facilities, long term care facilities and surgery centers.

Our areas of staffing expertise include:

Why Work With Remede?
  • Access to a Thriving Candidate Community
    With over two decades of experience in healthcare staffing, Remede has established an industry reputation as a trusted partner for both facilities and providers. Working with us gives you access to our thriving community of healthcare professionals. We know better than anyone our candidates’ qualities, specialties and credentials, and even the types of environments they’re most likely to thrive in.
  • Optimize Your Staffing Budget
    Our customizable staffing solutions help facilities fill staffing gaps and meet the needs of their patients while optimizing cost efficiency. Our rigorous screening and selection process also ensures that only the most qualified professionals are selected to work with our clients, which reduces the risk of costly staffing mistakes. 
  • Maximize Staffing Efficiency
    At Remede, we understand that staffing needs can change in an instant and disrupt the efficiency of your healthcare facility. Our team of staffing experts works closely with you to identify your unique needs and develop customized staffing solutions that ensure maximum efficiency in bringing on talent ready to hit the ground running. 
How We’ll Work Together
Finding the right fit for your facility can be challenging. That’s why we’re committed to working closely with you every step of the way.
  1. 1
    Build the Foundation
    We start by fostering meaningful connections and understanding your needs to create a solid foundation for our collaborative partnership.
  2. 2
    Design Your Staffing Blueprint
    We then develop a customized staffing strategy that addresses your most urgent staffing needs and streamlines the onboarding process.
  3. 3
    Deliver Outstanding Care
    Our around-the-clock support empowers your facility to be a safe, high-quality care environment for patients, staff and your community.
  4. 4
    Keep a Pulse on Performance
    Together, we’ll continuously monitor performance and progress to keep a pulse on successes, learn from challenges, and optimize our partnership for ongoing growth and improvement.

Client Testimonials

The Impact We’ve Made
  • As a CNO, it was critical for me to trust that the workforce provided by an agency was reliable, qualified, and committed to their profession. I have always found that Remede’s team ensured that all staff candidates were professional and that their licenses, certificates, and credentials were monitored, updated, and validated according to state regulatory and client-specific requirements. In addition, they always were able to provide me with the staffing I needed!

  • I have worked with Remede since January 2016, when we received our first placement from their organization. Remede has been there to help provide support and oversight as needed while we have their employees on contract, and I feel their professionalism will continue as we maintain business with them in the future.

    Executive Director of Staffing
  • I have had a very positive, collaborative relationship with Remede. They provide quality clinical staff that are skilled and competent in the clinical areas assigned. Remede is diligent in providing and maintaining all the required credentials for their healthcare professionals. I strongly recommend Remede as a quality healthcare staffing provider and am confident that they will be an asset to any facility they work with.

    Assistant Director
  • Remede Consulting Group has partnered with our facility for many years. The nurses are skilled and competent in their clinical specialty. They are reliable and professional with good interpersonal skills. Remede is responsive to our requests for staffing and ensures that credentials are maintained. The leadership team is readily available to address any of our concerns. I highly recommend Remede as a staffing partner.

    Director of Nursing
  • Remede has been a staffing provider for our facility since 2008. The registered nurse staff sent to us were very experienced, qualified, and professional. The support staff from the Remede team is excellent at responding to our needs in a timely manner and is very professional. I strongly recommend Remede as a staffing provider. They have been and will always be an asset to our facility and staffing needs.

    Manager of Nursing Systems
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