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3 Things To Do When Leaving A Travel Nursing Assignment

November 25, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

As a travel nurse, you are probably accustomed to doing a great deal of planning before embarking on a new assignment. However, you may not realize that ending an assignment can be equally complex. Whether you plan to seek employment in a new locale, ask for an extension, or even take some time off from travel nursing, it’s important that you take certain steps before leaving your current post. Here are some of Remede’s best tips for leaving your next travel nursing assignment:

Ask About Extensions

Some travel nurses are hesitant to ask about extensions before a job is complete. However, the truth is that nursing managers want to know your intentions as soon as possible so they can make informed staffing decisions moving forward. If you’re contract will be ending within the next month, make time to talk with your recruiter and manager ASAP. Even if you do opt to leave, being considerate to your current employer will increase your chances of getting a good recommendation down the line.

Explore Other Options

Even if you love your current position, it’s a good idea to explore other options as the job is wrapping up. From funding issues to census fluctuations, there are various reasons that a nursing position can fall through. Speak to your recruiter about other travel nursing assignments to ensure you get the most ideal position to meet your needs both professionally as well as personally..

Request References

If you’re planning to leave your current travel nursing position when the assignment ends, you may be hesitant to ask supervisors for a recommendation. However, the truth is that most healthcare recruiters want to see 5 to 7 references in your file. By asking for a recommendation at the close of your assignment, you increase the odds of supervisors remembering you and your good work. Whenever possible, ask for at least one reference at every travel nursing position you hold to keep your employment future bright.

Let Remede Jumpstart Your Job Search

When you contact Remede for a travel assignment, you can rest assured knowing we won’t abandon you once you secure your first travel nursing position. Instead, our goal is to build and foster relationships and assist you in managing your career today and in the future.. Call today or view available nursing jobs online.