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What Benefits Should You Help Travel Nursing Candidates With?

September 22, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog

Travel nurses can provide a tremendous boon to hospitals, allowing them to cover for short-term employment gaps, respond to seasonal fluctuations in census, and even expand the skills of their permanent staffs. However, in light of the current nursing shortage, it can be difficult for medical facilities to attract the best candidates. At Remede Consulting Group, we pride ourselves on being leaders in the healthcare staffing field. It is important for hospitals to understand what benefits staffing companies need to offer travel nurses in order to draw the top candidates to their clients’ hospitals:

Competitive Pay

The most experienced travel nurses can choose from hundreds of desirable job opportunities in dozens of states and even countries. Offering a competitive pay package is a great way for the staffing company to ensure their clients’ hospitals stands out from the pack. While paying higher rates can seem like a burden, ultimately your medical facility will benefit from having an exceptional travel nurse on staff. Not only will these individuals do a great job, but they can also pass on their skills to the rest of your staff, resulting in greater performance across the board.

Longer Contracts

Want to give your medical facility an edge in attracting top travel nurses? Consider offering longer-than-average contracts. While typical travel nursing jobs promise 36 hours each week, positions that offer 48 hours or more may be more likely to draw candidates. Additionally, offering longer contracts or contract extensions can help increase the odds of your travel nurses remaining onboard for a second assignment, while also maintaining continuity on the clinical unit.

Relocation Benefits

While travel nursing offers talented RNs the opportunity to see the country, the career is not without its drawbacks. Along with the inconvenience of moving their families and possessions with each job, travel nurses often are responsible for all the costs associated with relocating. Staffing companies can boost their chances of landing top talent by offering help with moving expenses, providing housing and subsidies, and even license reimbursement. Giving their employees optimal benefits brings in the best candidates and ensures they stick around. Staffing companies provide their clients with an all inclusive bill rate which includes these benefits that allow them to attract the “best of the best”.

Contact Remede to Find Top Travel Nursing Candidates

Looking for the best travel nursing candidates? Consider working with a trusted staffing company like Remede. As a top NY staffing firm, we are proud to say we’ve achieved the Gold Seal of Approval® for healthcare staffing services certification from The Joint Commission. Contact us today and secure the best travel nurses for your facility.