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3 Ways To Move Up The Company Ladder In Nursing

October 6, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Despite the projected nursing shortage, it can be difficult for qualified RNs to move into top positions at their dream companies. At Remede Consulting in New York , we strive to not only help nurses find great jobs, but also to assist them in climbing the company ladder. Here are some of our best tips for rising to a higher position in the nursing field:

Continue Your Education

Higher education is a pathway to success in almost any career, and nursing is no exception. Today there are more and more hospitals that are striving to achieve Magnet status and therefore require a BSN for entry level. Whether you’re interested in landing a new job or just moving to a higher salary bracket in your current organization, going back to school is a great way to make it happen. Along with enabling you to expand your skills, continuing education demonstrates commitment and passion to your supervisors, boosting your chances of scoring that promotion.

Network with Peers

Networking may not be anyone’s favorite activity, but it’s essential for nurses looking to move up in their career. In addition to making small talk at work, take the time to join LinkedIn Groups and other networking sites. Not only are these associations great for learning about job opportunities, but they also help nurses stay abreast of the latest healthcare  news and developments. With any luck, someone you meet online or in person will refer you to a great new position that meets your goals.

Make Your Desires Known

Are you having little luck climbing the company ladder? Before throwing up your hands in defeat, ask yourself if you’ve made your desires known to supervisors and administrators. Along with sharing your career goals, demonstrate your talent by taking on leadership roles at work. For example, you could offer to mentor a new nurse or present an education program  at your hospital. Show management you’re up to the task and increase the odds of them remembering you when a position opens up in the workplace.

Get the Most Out of Your Nursing Career with Remede

Whether you want to find a new nursing job or an opportunity for professional growth, Remede Consulting Group has the connections and expertise to help. Check out more tips and suggestions online or call Remede to speak to one of our staffing representatives today.  Let Remede be your Career Manager!