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4 Resume Tips For Travel Nurses

November 4, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

A resume may just be a piece of paper, but it’s the first one that prospective employers see. As a result, it can significantly alter a hospital’s impressions of you as a job candidate. At Remede Consulting Group, we not only help travel nurses score interviews with top healthcare facilities, but we also work with them to ensure their resumes are as impressive as they are. Here are 4 resume-crafting tips designed to help travel nurses land their dream assignments:

Sell Yourself

A common mistake among travel nurses is failing to sell themselves on their resumes. Instead of an objective statement, which focuses on what you want out of a position, start your resume with a qualifications summary that lets potential employers how your experience benefits them. Some details to include are specialty area, certifications, credentials, and recent accomplishments that showcase your skills.

Use Keywords

With hundreds of candidates vying for the same position, standing out to hiring nurse managers is more important than ever. To give your resume a clear advantage, incorporate a few keywords related to your job in the text. For example, travel nurses might want to use words like registered nurse, flexible, experienced traveler, preceptor and charge experience, as well as terms relevant to their specific nursing specialty.

Start with the Most Recent Assignment

Another tip for improving resume readability is starting your resume with the most recent assignment. Add the rest of your assignments in reverse chronological order so nurse managers can easily see what you’ve been up to. You should also include related volunteer work and any advanced education or continuing education programs you took part in during your career.

Keep Your Resume Up to Date

When you’re gainfully employed, it’s easy to let updating your resume fall to the bottom of your priority list. However, the truth is that it makes sense to revise your resume while the assignment details are fresh in your mind. Along with unit size and specialty, be sure to note specific duties and challenges you undertook during your time on the job. Showcase your achievements to your prospective nursing employers and reap the rewards in better positions and salary.

Let Remede Find Your Next Nursing Job

Even if you aren’t currently planning to leave your nursing job, keeping your resume up to date is crucial for securing promotions and raises in the coming years. Contact Remede today to build your resume and take the first step on the road to career success as a travel nurse.