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How to Answer, “Why Did You Leave Your Last Nursing Job?”

July 21, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Some of us leave jobs to move on to bigger and better opportunities. However, others jump ship due to trouble with co-workers, and other interpersonal conflicts that don’t look too good on a resume. At Remede Consulting, we pride ourselves on helping candidates through every step of the job application process, including the interview period. Here are our tips for answering the question of why you left your last nursing position.

Be Positive

It doesn’t matter how much you despised your previous job or the people with whom you worked; to make the best impression in an interview, it’s important to be positive about your reasons for moving on. While you shouldn’t lie about leaving your last job, the best interviewees aim to find the positive in every work experience. For example, if your co-workers were rude or unpleasant, you could say that the job taught you how to deal with different personality types.

Be Brief

While it’s important to be honest about your reasons for leaving a job, you don’t have to tell the whole story. Job candidates who spend the whole interview attacking their old companies risk looking petty or angry to hiring managers. Moreover, concentrating only on the past prevents you from sharing your goals at your new assignment. For best results, be brief about problems, and spend the rest of the time talking up your skills and achievements.

Focus on the Future

Rather than dwell on what happened in previous positions, savvy candidates focus on their goals for the future. When asked why you left your last nursing job, be forward thinking and talk about how your past experiences have empowered you to take on new challenges in your career. Every opportunity, no matter how difficult it was or how poorly it ended, features areas for people to learn from, and areas to improve. Making the move to a better assignment is the next step in your career path, and being able to articulate that feeling to the job interviewer will help your case in landing your next job.

Land Your Next Nursing Job with Help from Remede

Looking to find a new nursing job this year? At Remede, we have the experience and connections to help all our nursing candidates find positions at their dream health facilities. Call today to speak to one of our staffing pros or search for more interviewing tips online.