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Avoid Getting Endless Phone Calls for Assignments

June 23, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
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It’s no secret that a career in travel nursing offers tons of great benefits. Along with having the opportunity to see the country and meet new and different people, you can learn from other nurses and medical professionals and use your talents to help patients in need. Despite the many benefits of travel nursing, there is one rather significant drawback: travel nurses are constantly receiving phone calls and emails regarding assignments that don’t truly meet their needs.

One of the most annoying things about looking for a job is receiving constant calls from recruiters. While most staffing companies are careful about not calling night nurses during the day when they’re trying to sleep, mistakes do happen. Additionally, many travel nurses complain about calls coming in during dinner or while they’re spending time with family and friends. This situation is especially frustrating if you aren’t actually interested in the position in question. If you’re only looking for a travel nursing jobs in the continental U.S., you probably don’t want to receive calls about jobs on a Caribbean island.

As annoying as it is to receive a call about a job that doesn’t meet your needs, it’s even more frustrating when the recruiter purposely withholds essential information. In some cases, a staffing agency may be vague about the salary or benefits in order to attract more applicants. Savvy travel nursing candidates will do their research to ensure they are working with a staffing company that’s both honest and effective.

Work with the Right Staffing Agency

At Remede Consulting Group, we are proud to say that we’ve been in the nursing recruitment industry since 2002. We are also proud to say that one of our recruiters was voted Healthcare Magazine’s Travel Recruiter of the year.  As a matter of fact, she received that honor three different times. Thanks to our great relationships with hospitals and medical centers around the country, we can connect our travel nursing candidates with a wide range of positions. You can trust Remede’s recruiters will listen to your needs and will assist you in  finding the job of your dreams.

First-time applicant to Remede? Sign up online today for more information about launching your career as a travel or per diem nurse. We look forward to helping you make all your career dreams realities.