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Be Aware of How Nursing Injuries Affect Patient Care

July 14, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Nurses perform a crucial function in society, helping people who are ill or recovering from accidents and injuries. However, in caring for others, nurses often neglect their own health and happiness. As a healthcare facility, failing to be aware of the impact of nursing injuries can have a profound effect on your overall patient care.

It’s only logical that nurses would face a higher risk of colds and illnesses than those in other professions. In fact, 60 percent of nurses fear that their jobs are negatively affecting their health, while 10 percent report suffering injuries in the line of duty. Not only do these illnesses and injuries impact the quality of life for nursing employees, but they can also have a negative impact on the well-being of patients in a facility.

Although health worker illnesses are nothing new, the number of new cases is rising as a result of the nursing shortage. As nurses work longer hours to cover the shortage, they are more likely to get run down and succumb to colds and viruses. These nurses will then need time off to recover, compromising patient care even further.

Reducing Injury and Illness Among Nursing Staffs

Along with hiring appropriately to protect nurses from feeling overworked, hospitals should strive to enforce safe working practices. It’s no secret that nursing is a physically demanding job. Along with improving ergonomic conditions by making sure equipment is supportive to staff members, hospitals should provide proper training for their nurses in safe patient handling. Additionally, health centers should provide physical therapy as needed, and hire security staff in cases when nurse safety may be at risk.

When nurses do get injured or feel sick, the management should promote an environment of wanting to hear from their staff about those physical problems. A fine line exists of taking advantage of those areas, and actually speaking up when not feeling well. However, if managers show that they will listen and respect employees who aren’t 100 percent, then the culture and interaction on the staff will improve.

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