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Be a Leader When You Aren’t the Manager

March 25, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Just because you don’t have a supervisory title doesn’t mean you can’t take on a leadership role. Whether it’s taking responsibility for the outcome of a project or simply setting an example for your peers, leadership skills are in demand at every level.

Forget “It’s not my job.”

True leaders pitch in wherever they are needed. Keep an eye open for opportunities to use your skills even if you have to go out of your way. Don’t step on toes, but if you see someone struggling with a task that is simple to you, step in or coach them through it.

Don’t be passive on the job.

Speak up, offer opinions, share ideas. Demonstrate that you are someone who can act decisively and think outside the box. Take an interest in what’s happening in other departments to broaden your knowledge base and interact better cross-functionally.

Don’t be a know-it-all.

Take every opportunity to learn from your managers or peers. You don’t need a formal mentor relationship to model yourself on a colleague’s good clinical practices or interpersonal skills. If someone has a different clinical technique, ask them to show you. A successful career stems in part from amassing a collection of best practices that allow you to accomplish your patient care  more effectively and efficiently.

Build a sphere of influence.

Being a leader means a lot more than just telling people what to do. Conduct yourself in a way that fosters respect and inspires people to look to you when they need advice or assistance. Demonstrate passion for your work, honor your commitments and freely share your knowledge and resources.

Ask for additional responsibility.

Even if you’ve clearly established that you have the leadership skills to be a manager, you still must let your superiors know that you are interested in moving up the chain of command. Many people are perfectly happy as a patient care provider, so speak up if you want to be considered as part of the management track.

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