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Be Safe When Leaving for Your Travel Assignment

July 28, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog

Travel nursing is an exciting career that allows you to meet new people and see the world. However, savvy nurses take steps to protect their personal and financial security while they’re on the road. A leader in healthcare staffing, Remede Consulting specializes in helping travel nurses find great opportunities throughout the U.S. and abroad. Here are some of our top tips to help you be safe when leaving for your travel assignment.

Do Your Research

If you’re moving to a new city or state, it’s a good idea to do some research on the area in question. Before choosing a house or apartment, check out the crime rates online. After all, you want to feel comfortable exploring your adopted region. Additionally, nurses who plan to walk to and from work should make sure there are sidewalks and sufficient lighting.

Avoid Social Media Announcements

When getting ready to leave for a travel nursing assignment, you may be tempted to post the exciting news on social media. However, announcing your travel plans to the Internet is not exactly wise. Instead of posting the dates that you’ll be out of your home, wait until the assignment is over to share the details with friends and loved ones on Facebook.

Outfit Your Auto with Supplies

Planning to take your car on your next travel nursing gig? Take the time to outfit your automobile with emergency supplies. Along with bottled water, it’s wise to drive with a flashlight, spare blanket, and first aid kit. Some nurses also opt to travel with pepper spray in the glove compartment, though this is something you should only do if you’re completely comfortable with the idea. Finally, it’s a good idea to carry a smartphone charger so you never find yourself without a phone on the road.

Trust Remede to Help Find Your Dream Job

A local healthcare staffing expert, Remede Consulting specializes in helping travel nurses find open positions at all the top heath companies. For more information about our services, call today or contact our experts online. We look forward to helping you see the world while helping patients in need.