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CNO Blueprint

An Educational Series
Unlock the Secrets to Effective Healthcare Staffing
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Get the CNO’s Staffing Blueprint for High-Quality Patient Care

As a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO), you play a critical role in ensuring that your healthcare organization provides safe, high-quality and cost-effective patient care. However, with so many responsibilities and demands on your time, finding and hiring the right staff to support your vision can be challenging.

This educational series will give you expert-level guidance on how to find the perfect personality fit for your community hospital and maintain your unique culture—all while keeping you as hands-off as possible with the hiring process. With practical tips, real-life case studies and expert insights, you’ll learn how to effectively manage your staff and provide excellent patient care.

What you can expect from this series:

  • A deep dive into the traits that make a successful hire to help ensure that you find the right personality fit for high-stress environments
  • Techniques for maintaining a positive and productive workplace culture—especially when you bring on temporary talent
  • Best practices for streamlining your facility’s hiring process
  • The importance of clear and effective communication and how it can improve patient care and satisfaction as well as boost morale, job satisfaction and, ultimately, retention for your top healthcare professionals