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How EHRs Could Be Negatively Impacting Productivity

June 16, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

It’s no secret that the medical industry is one that involves a great deal of paperwork. And while patients’ records were once kept on paper files, these days many hospitals and health facilities are switching over to EHRs, or electronic health records.  As the federal government encourages modern health centers to make the change, many doctors and nurses are struggling to utilize the new processes and workflows. The result is a serious slowdown in productivity at many of the nation’s top hospitals.

Administrative Hassles

Converting to EHR can cause a number of administrative delays in the workplace. In fact, both front desk staff and hospital administrators have reported a serious impact on workload as they attempt to master these new technologies. Not only does the hospital need to train workers on the new system, they must also account for the extra time employees are spending on administrative tasks compared to the old methodology.

Financial Burdens

Additionally, EHRs pose a significant financial challenge. As hospitals and health centers invest more funds in client servers and the cost of training workers, they have less funding available for new hires and overtime work. The funding shortage is further complicated when companies use a hybrid system incorporating both paper and electronic records, as they don’t save money on paper or storage space.

Patient Perception

Not surprisingly, patients are also resistant to the new electronic records system. Not only do patients worry about the safety and security of their personal medical data, they also resent being reduced to check boxes on a template.  As a result, health centers need to invest time and money into educating patients about the new system.

Don’t Let EHRs Injure Productivity

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