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Helping Build Chemistry With Travel Nurses And Your Team

November 18, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog

These days, more and more hospitals are opting to staff their teams with travel nurses. And while these professionals often fill a much-needed role in your hospital, coworkers don’t always welcome travel nurses with open arms. From clashing personalities to scheduling disputes, a number of issues can arise between your temporary and permanent healthcare workers. To maximize workplace productivity—and keep anyone from jumping ship—supervisors must take steps to build chemistry among their travel nurses and regular teammates. Here are some of Remede’s top tips for building a more cohesive nursing staff:

Encourage Out-of-Work Bonding

Hospitals can be stressful places, and the work environment only gets worse when teammates don’t get along. A great way to encourage interaction between your permanent and travel nurses is to host outside teambuilding events like lunches and parties. Not only do these activities help build unity among different employees, but they also provide a much-needed break from the stresses of working in a healthcare setting day in and out.

Institute a Mentorship Program

Because travel nurses come to your hospital from different locations, it’s common for them to employ workplace practices that vary with those of your facility. To help bring travel nurses and permanent teammates onto the same page, consider instituting a mentorship program in your workplace. Not only does mentoring new workers help them catch on more quickly, but it also builds relationships among new and existing staff. For added incentive, consider offering mentors small salary and title bumps in exchange for their efforts on behalf of the team.

Choose the Right Staffing Company

Of course, the first step toward building a more cohesive nursing team is choosing the right travel nurses to join your staff. To ensure a great workplace environment, start by working with the right staffing company. An expert in healthcare staffing, Remede will not just help you find highly skilled and experienced nurses but also work with you to ensure they are a great fit for your organization.

Build Your Nursing Team with Remede

Staffing your healthcare facility with travel nurses can be a great way to save money in a tough economy. However, hiring temporary workers comes with its own set of challenges. Contact Remede and learn more about staffing your hospital for success.