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Housing For Travel Nursing: What Should You Do

January 15, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog

Travel nursing is a great opportunity to see the world while using your skill and talent to help those in need. However, because you will be living in a different place, it’s important to consider all your options in terms of housing. Here are some important steps to take with regard to housing and your travel nursing career:

Know Your Benefits

Before agreeing to a new travel nursing assignment, RNs should take the time to assess the benefits that go along with the position. In general, travel companies will provide employees with either free accommodations or a stipend to cover living expenses for the length of their stay. If the company chooses the housing, it should be close to your new place of employment to cut down on commuting time. Nurses should be sure all their housing options are ironed out before signing on that dotted line.

Nurses can take their housing options into their own hands as well. This can result in keeping more of the stipend monies in their own pocket because staffing companies engage an outside housing company which adds to our costs thereby decreasing the amount of monies we are able to offer the nurse. By taking housing into their own hands it allows the nurse complete control over their entire housing experience. It has become relatively easy to access travel nursing housing exchange sites online. Most are offering substantial discounts from their business agreements with hotels in which they book leftover living accommodations for the hotel. The hotel benefits because it is better to rent a unit at a low cost rather than not rent it at all. Often, the nurse keeps more money in his/her own pocket by shopping these sites.

This seems to be the emerging preference of travel nurses. When the agency arranges housing it is not only costly, it can put an offer of a fabulous assignment at risk.  While the traveler choosing to arrange housing through the agency hammers out who pays for utilities and all the little bits and pieces,  an exciting contract can be lost to another nurse  who is able to lock in the assignment faster because they were familiar with the online resources and took things into their own hands. Be aware of your resources and be prepared to keep the best assignments when they are offered.

Ask About Furnishing

Along with providing you with a place to live, your new employer should supply basic furnishings for your stay. Typically, a travel nurse will receive a queen bed, nightstand, dresser, couch, coffee table, and dinette set, as well as a TV and appropriate lighting. However, you will probably need to provide your own dishes, linens, and bedding. In some cases, it may be possible to negotiate for certain items like a washer and dryer. Do your research and settle all the details of your contract before agreeing to a move.

Secure Utilities

Once your housing and furniture needs are settled, you should consider who will be paying the utilities. While some travel nursing agencies put cable and electricity costs in their name, others want to reimburse you for these expenses after the fact. Find out what the company will cover in advance so you aren’t surprised when the bills start rolling in.

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