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How to Use LinkedIn Pulse to Stay On Top Of Industry News

February 3, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

These days, most job searchers know LinkedIn is a great place to connect with past and present colleagues online. However, many people are less familiar with the new channel known as LinkedIn Pulse. A source for highly relevant professional news, LinkedIn Pulse lets job searchers stay up to date on trending stories while making invaluable connections with others in their field. However, job seekers need to do their own research to use this resource effectively.

One of the benefits of LinkedIn Pulse is that it provides highly targeted news content based on your professional interests. Employees are working longer hours, and they don’t always have time to scour the web for industry developments. With LinkedIn Pulse, you will receive customized content recommendations based on your LinkedIn preferences and interests. Users can follow key influencers in your professional network or choose channels like healthcare and travel nursing.

LinkedIn also lets you customize the way your news is delivered. To set your preferences on LinkedIn Pulse, visit the privacy & settings page and click on communications. You can then dictate the frequency and type of emails you want to receive. For example, you can request to see trending news, job opportunities, or updates from companies you follow. By signing up to receive updates, you can discover job opportunities early and get your resume in ahead of the competition.

Another advantage of LinkedIn Pulse is that you can post your own articles and blogs. Simply click the edit icon on your profile page and publish your content using the writing tool. As an added bonus, everyone in your network will be able to read your work.

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