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Maintaining A Good Work-Life Balance With Your Nursing Career

August 19, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

A career in nursing offers a number of benefits including solid earning potential and the opportunity to bring care and comfort to people in need. However, according to a recent study, 1 in 5 nurses leave the profession in the first year due to stress. Experts in the field of healthcare staffing, Remede Consulting recognizes that maintaining a good work-life balance is the best way to ensure a long and successful career as a nurse. Here are a few tips designed to help current and aspiring nurses find that perfect balance between the personal and the professional:

Delegate at Work and at Home

It’s not uncommon for those in the nursing industry to feel overwhelmed on occasion. To help manage stress, it’s important that nurses learn to delegate work without feeling guilty. Along with requiring children and spouses to help out around the house, nurses should feel comfortable asking team members for assistance at work. Additionally, you should remember that it’s okay to say no on occasion. Feel free to decline politely when asked to chaperone that school field trip and take a well-deserved mental health day instead.

Continue Your Education

As a nurse, feeling ill-prepared can have a serious effect on your self-confidence in the workplace, along with your overall stress level at home. Keeping up to date on the latest nursing developments and practices is one of the best ways to boost self-esteem. Additionally, nurses who stay at the forefront of emerging trends are more likely to receive promotions and salary bumps.

Take Care of Yourself First

Nurses perform an incredible service for society, offering both care and comfort at a difficult time in people’s lives. However, even the most exceptional nurses are likely to burn out if they never take time for themselves. From taking a dance class to hitting the gym, participating in activities you enjoy is a great way to reduce stress while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Build self-care activities into your schedule each day and reap the rewards at work and at home.

Let Remede Help with Your Nursing Job Search

At Remede, we offer specialized staffing services for health industry professionals. Whether you want to find a new full-time position or try out different options with temporary or travel assignments, Remede can help you achieve career satisfaction and success. Call today or contact us online to find your dream nursing job.