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New Technologies And Practices For Travel RNs For 2015

January 8, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

It’s not uncommon for an experienced nurse to find it difficult to adjust to new technologies and practices. However, the fact is that every travel nurse can benefit from some of the new devices and systems on the market. Here are a few ways in which travel RNs can utilize technology in 2015:


Travel nurses have to relocate not only their belongings but also their personal and financial information from one place to another. Thanks to new technologies like tablets and smartphones, you no longer have to cart all your important paperwork from place to place. By scanning essential files, medical records, and licenses, you can cut down on moving costs while ensuring you have access to everything you need while on your new assignment.


You’ve heard of Wi-Fi, but did you know that some devices now allow for MiFi usage? These wireless access points let you create a cloud by pulling a 3G or 4G signal from a smartphone and sharing it with other devices. This technology is incredibly handy for travel nurses who are always on the move, as it allows them to connect multiple laptops and devices with ease.

Social Media

One of the most difficult aspects of travel nursing is being separated from friends and family while you’re gone. With social media, travel RNs can easily keep in touch with their loved ones back home, trading messages and photos. Additionally, you can use social sites to develop and nurture relationships with colleagues and even communicate with patients after you treat them. Finally, social media is a great way for you to trade tips and advice with your fellow travel nurses, helping ease the transition during your first days in a new location.

Let Remede Help Make Your Travel Nursing Dreams Realities

At Remede Consulting, we strive to empower our nursing candidates with the tools and information needed to care for their patients effectively. Check out our blog for more great tips for travel RNs and then contact us to find your next nursing job. We look forward to helping make all your travel nursing dreams realities.