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Is Your Nursing Resume Scoring You The Positions You Desire?

August 28, 2018 Posted by Remede in Blog

While everyone knows a nursing resume is a non-optional component of the modern job application, not all Travel Nurse candidates employ this document to their best advantage. Not only can a good resume push your profile to the top of the pack, but it also helps to assure you have the experience and skills needed for the specific travel assignments you are interested in and are a good fit for the healthcare facility. Here are some of Remede’s top tips to help nursing candidates optimize their resumes:

Consider Experience

You probably know that a good resume should detail your past job experience. However, many nurses struggle with the best way to present this essential info. If you’re just starting out in the field, you may want to employ a functional format which focuses on skills and education as opposed to actual work experience. On the other hand, a chronological format may be best for experienced nurses who have held multiple positions over the years.  It is important to understand that a minimum of one year full-time experience is required to be a travel nurse, but many facilities require additional years of experience.  Some facilities also require past travel experience, so it is essential to list if a position was a permanent position or a travel assignment.  It is vital that you list your nursing license(s), include state of licensure and license number, and whether it is a compact license along with the expiration date.  This information will assist your recruiter to know where you can be placed quickly, especially if you have a compact license.  Otherwise your recruiter can provide you information on how long it will take to get licensed in the state you want to travel to and plan accordingly.

Focus on Education

Whether you’re a new or experienced nurse, it’s important that your resume include a section for educational achievements. However, it’s not enough to list the date and location of your degree. To stand out to potential employers, nursing candidates should provide the dates and titles of any seminars or continuing education courses they attended. Be sure to list all certifications you have achieved and include dates of expiration. Demonstrate your dedication to learning and boost your chances of securing that job offer.

Include Contributions

Along with work and educational experience, a good resume lists your many achievements in the field. From your role as preceptor or charge nurse to research, published articles or continuing education presentations in your area of expertise, your accomplishments help you stand out from other applicants. The goal is to show you have a strong history of taking initiative and, ultimately, achieving your goals.

Let Remede Help with Your Job Search

Of course, a solid resume isn’t always enough to land you the job you desire. At Remede, our hands-on recruitment team will work closely with you throughout every step of your job search. Our goal is to help you stand out from the crowd and secure the position of your dreams. For more information about joining the Remede family, call today or contact our staffing team online.