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3 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout

August 12, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Have you been hearing grumbles on the unit lately? While a little whining and moaning is normal, excessive complaints could suggest that your employees are approaching the point of burnout. If the problem continues, even your best people could wind up leaving you . Here are three ways to prevent employee burnout among your staff.

Believe in Them

If your employees have been griping, the problem may be a lack of support from their direct supervisors. Few people want to stay at a job where there are no opportunities for learning and growing. To show your employees you care, take time to share your vision for their futures. If you see them as managers, let them know, and develop a plan for helping them achieves these goals in the coming months and years. Additionally, you should share details on the department’s long-term goals and mission, so employees recognize that they’re contributing to something important.

Improve Your Equipment

It’s hard to be passionate about your job if the workplace tools and equipment make it hard to complete tasks. Not only can outdated equipment limit performance, but it may also contribute to musculoskeletal problems and other conditions. By replacing chairs and desks with more ergonomic models and purchasing newer equipment when the old pieces prove ineffective, you show employees that their welfare matters and that they aren’t just cogs in the wheel.

Acknowledge Achievement

No one likes feeling like her hard work goes unnoticed. However, in many organizatons, higher-ups have a bad habit of taking credit for accomplishments that employees helped achieve. For best results, acknowledge your staff’s efforts and single out those workers who did a truly exceptional job.

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