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How to Properly Follow Up After an Interview

June 30, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog

If you’ve ever applied for a travel job, then you probably know that following up with your recruiter after the interview is a crucial step. However, many applicants don’t know exactly how to follow up without coming across as pushy or annoying. At Remede Consulting Group, we help candidates through every step of the job search process, from scheduling interviews to landing that desired offer. Here are some of our tips for following up after an interview while making a great impression:

Request a Timetable

Believe it or not, one of the best times to follow up after an interview is while it’s still going on. It is important to review the specific job requirements, so there is no confusion; projected start date, clinical unit you will be working, what shift and guaranteed hours per week.  Before the end of the interview phone call, , take a moment to reiterate why you are a good fit for the assignment and ask the interviewer about next steps. If he or she says the hospital will be interviewing all the applicants by end of day Thursday, you will want to let your recruiter know, so Remede can follow-up as appropriate.

Debriefing With Your Recruiter

Since you will not have another opportunity to speak with the interviewer, it is important that you debrief with your recruiter after the interview.  Let your recruiter know the name of the person you spoke with, specifics about the position, including shift, weekly hours, oncall, start date and requested time off.  Let your recruiter know if you have any concerns about the assignment. If an offer is extended, it is your recruiter who will work to assure the position offered meets your needs.

Be Available

Travel assignments are filled very quickly.  Once the hospital extends an offer, they want to know if you will be accepting the assignment right away, so they can make an offer to another candidate if you decline.  Be available for phone calls from your recruiter or respond to his or her message as soon as possible.  Only commit to an assignment if you are sure it is a good fit for you and you are committed to fulfilling the requirements of the assignment.  Changing your mind after you have confirmed can hurt your reputation and negatively impact future opportunities.  Honest, open communication with your recruiter is the most important component in securing your dream job!

Let Remede Help You Land Your Next Position

In business for more than a decade, Remede specializes in connecting skilled per diem and travel nurses with exceptional opportunities around the country. Our goal is to help health professionals build meaningful careers while maintaining a careful work/life balance. Ready to take your nursing career to the next level? Call today or contact our health staffing specialists online. We look forward to working together to find your dream assignment.