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Previously Fired? How to Talk About It in an Interview

July 7, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
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Finding a new job is rarely simple. However, getting hired can be even more of a challenge if you were terminated from your last position. If you were previously let go, it’s important that you talk about it in the right way during the interview process. Here are three tips for getting hired after you’ve been fired.

Don’t Lie

If you were let go from your last job, you may be tempted to lie about it in interviews. However, failing to tell the truth about previous positions is a big mistake. For best results, be honest and brief in explaining what happened at your last assignment. In the long run, telling the truth about something difficult may just inspire trust in the person doing the hiring, boosting your chances of landing the position.

Avoid Placing Blame

If your last assignment ended badly, the temptation may be great to blame your supervisors or co-workers in future interviews. And while passing the buck can be satisfying in the short term, hiring managers often look down on employees who won’t take responsibility for their actions. After all, people who place blame now are likely to do so again in the future. Instead of criticizing your boss or colleagues for what happened, accept responsibility and admit that you could have done better.

Focus on What You Learned

During the course of your career, you’re bound to make at least one serious mistake. While future employers don’t expect you to be perfect, they do want you to learn from your mistakes and improve your performance moving forward. To better your chances of landing that  position , focus on what you learned from a bad experience and how it will make you a better  healthcare professional from now on. When that situation happens or you are assigned that task, tell the hiring manager explicitly what you will do differently, and how you learned from previous missteps.

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