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The Benefits Of Working With A Specialized Staffing Agency

August 19, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog

As someone who owns or operates a healthcare company, you probably recognize the value of using a staffing service for employee screening and hiring. However, you may not realize that a healthcare-specific staffing company like Remede Consulting offers even more benefits to your business. Check out the following reasons to choose a healthcare staffing agency and then call Remede for a free consultation in Floral Park.

Industry Expertise

Not every individual has the character and composition to succeed in the healthcare arena. Founded in 2002, Remede has more than a decade of experience matching businesses with the most qualified candidates. From asking the right questions to conducting detailed screenings, we will ensure your staffing needs are met while protecting your healthcare facility for the long haul.

Commitment to Quality Staffing

Along with their extensive industry experience, specialized staffing companies tend to offer a higher level of service. While general staffing companies assist a wide range of clients, niche-specific agencies are more apt to form long-term relationships with a few businesses. As a result, niche firms can develop a deeper understanding of your company and its unique staffing goals.

Improved Candidate Pool

Want to locate the most highly qualified personnel for your healthcare business? Working with a specialized staffing agency like Remede Consulting gives companies access to a wider selection of job candidates. And because we prescreen all applicants before you meet them, you can rest assured knowing your business is in competent hands.

Expert Interview Process

It’s no surprise that healthcare companies tend to hold their employees to a higher standard. One of the benefits of working with niche staffing companies is that they conduct more thorough employee interviews based on years of field experience. From reviewing resumes and verifying licenses to performing drug tests and background checks, Remede makes sure every candidate we recommend is completely qualified for the position in question.

Choose Remede for Your Healthcare Staffing Needs

At Remede, we provide expert employee screening and hiring services designed to save healthcare companies time and money in the long run. Call today for more information about achieving your staffing goals.