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The Opportunities Provided Through Travel Nursing

August 19, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Travel nursing can seem like a significant change for someone accustomed to working in a single location. And while the career is not without its challenges, the truth is that travel nursing offers a number of perks as well. At Remede Consulting, we specialize in helping nurses and other healthcare professionals find their ideal jobs. Check out the following opportunities provided through travel nursing and then contact the staffing team at Remede for more information about this exciting option:

Expanding Your Nursing Skills

One of the best reasons to consider a career in travel nursing is to expand your professional resume. As a travel nurse, you will have the opportunity to work at some of the U.S.’s top healthcare facilities while learning from other leading industry professionals. The skills you gain on these assignments may even help you score a better-paying job when you return home.

Boosting Your Income

In many cases, facilities that hire travel nurses are desperate to find someone quickly. Because of this urgency, travel nurses often earn more than their counterparts who work in one location. Additionally, some travel positions cover your room and board for the duration of the assignment. Nurses who travel regularly may be able to earn a little extra by renting out their home or apartment while they’re gone.

Evaluating Potential Cities

Are you thinking of relocating to a different part of the country? Travel nursing offers a great opportunity to try out a region before you move there. Even if your travel assignment isn’t permanent, you will likely make invaluable contacts that can help you find a long-term position down the line.

Having an Adventure

Of course, not all the benefits provided by travel nursing are so practical. The career also allows talented RNs to have adventures in unfamiliar places. Explore a different culture while meeting new people and seeing the sites you’ve always dreamed of visiting.

Contact Remede to Find Your Dream Nursing Job

At Remede Consulting, we take pride in connecting nurses with opportunities they might not hear about through other mediums. Call today for staffing help or fill out Remede’s contact form online. Our expert recruiters work with you to assess career goals and identify the ideal position to meet your needs.