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Tips To Deal With Relocation For Travel Nursing

August 19, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Travel nursing is an exciting career that enables medical professionals to see the world while using their skill and experience to help those in need. However, the profession is not without its challenges. Specialists in the field of healthcare staffing, the team at Remede Consulting offers the following tips to help travel nurses deal better with relocation:

Gather Important Documents

Before leaving on a travel nursing assignment, it’s important that you take the time to gather any and all documents you may need. Along with your identification and passport, nurses should be sure to bring their credentials and BLS cards. Remember, it’s better to be over prepared than to arrive at your destination and realize you’re missing something essential.

Arrive Early

The stress of moving can be exacerbated by having to start a new job at the same time. After securing your new nursing position, ask the travel company if you can relocate a few days ahead of time. You can use this period to set up your apartment, shop for groceries, and even wait around for the cable guy.

Study Your Contract

Travel nursing offers the opportunity to meet new people while visiting dozens of exciting locales worldwide. However, before you sign that contract, it’s important to review all the fine print. Along with checking that the salary and hours meet their needs, nurses should review the policy on floating. After all, if your specialty is pediatrics, you may not feel comfortable performing floating duties on the surgical floor. Read up on the details ahead of time so there aren’t too many surprises when you arrive at your new workplace.

Hire an Accountant

Although working in multiple locations is exciting, travel nursing can make tax time especially complex. Consider hiring an accountant with the knowledge and experience to keep both you and the IRS happy. It’s also a good idea to keep copies of every contract you receive for future reference.

Let Remede Help Find Your Next Nursing Position

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