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Top Hiring Challenges for Finding Top Travel Nurses

April 22, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Every career field poses certain challenges for recruiters. However, the realities of travel nursing can make it especially tough for HR professionals to find viable candidates. A leader in nursing recruitment, Remede understands that medical facilities may struggle to find strong travel nursing candidates with the knowledge and flexibility to meet their needs. Here are some of the biggest hiring challenges we’ve seen in the search for strong travel nurses:

Lack of Notice

It’s no secret that travel nursing positions often have brief lead times. Even if they are up for an adventure, travel nursing candidates may find it difficult to move to a new city on such short notice. As a result, recruiters often struggle to find a qualified candidate who can also meet the strict scheduling requirements of the position in question.

Uncertain Assignments

Most of us want to know where our next paychecks are coming from, and travel nurses are no exception. However, a typical travel nursing position lasts for 13 weeks. Once the job is over, the candidate will often have to move again and seek out new work. However, many facilities offer contract extensions if the traveler is a good fit for the organization. One of the challenges nursing recruiters face is finding candidates who appreciate the rewards of travel nursing enough to abide the lack of certainty in the job.

Need to Adapt

Because they are constantly moving from place to place, travel nurses must possess an inherent adaptability. Not only are these employees working with different people on each assignment, but they may also be called upon to perform a wide range of tasks and duties. As a result, recruiters must seek out candidates with strong interpersonal skills and a team player mentality who enjoy taking on new roles.

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