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Top Soft Skills to Look For in Nursing Talent

May 13, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

Doctors may receive the majority of the praise, however nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical profession. Not only do nurses provide an invaluable service to patients, easing their stress and discomfort during a difficult time, but they also help health facilities continue to function at top capacity. At Remede, we specialize in helping hospitals and health facilities find nurses who will enhance their standards of care. Here are some of the top soft skills managers should seek out in their nursing talent:


Nurses are often expected to perform various tasks depending on the hospital’s needs. For example, they may be called upon to float to different departments, take on charge nurse roles, or deal with difficult patients. As a result, adaptability is a crucial skill for the modern nursing professional to possess. For best results, health facilities should seek out nurses who have a demonstrated ability to roll with the punches and accept whatever comes their way.


Want to ensure your next nursing hire is a good long-term fit? Seek out candidates who are team players. Not only must nurses work with other healthcare professionals like physicians, allied health professionals and support staff on a regular basis, but they also have to interact with a variety of patients and families, some of whom are stressed or even hostile. The best nurses can get along well with a wide range of people and maintain their calm under the worst of circumstances.


Nurses aren’t just responsible for treating patients’ physical symptoms, but also easing their emotional suffering during a time of great difficulty. As a result, the best nursing candidates demonstrate great compassion and a commitment to making an emergency room visit or hospital stay as pleasant as possible. Patients or visitors can experience or be under a great deal of stress. Having a calming influence in the emergency room  or in the patients’ hospital room will reassure the patients or visitors.

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