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Travel Nurse Blog: Part 1

April 14, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
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Travel nursing and allied healthcare staffing may not be for everyone, but after spending 15 minutes talking to Remede Traveler Dwayne, also known as Mr. Adventure, may make you feel that you’re missing a lot by not traveling. Dwayne is fortunate to be on assignment at the famous Billings Clinic in Billings, Montana. This clinic is one of the best in the country:

Great assignments, great facilities and adventure are offered to Remede travelers.

When Dwayne landed the Billings assignment with Remede, he knew that he was in for an adventure as well as a learning experience. The hospital was gracious enough to train Dwayne on new equipment. Dwayne travels with his long-time buddy and dog, which he refers to as “The Baby.”

Dwayne’s assignment in Montana was locked down when his assignment in New Mexico ended.  Prior to starting in Montana, Dwayne took two weeks of downtime.

From New Mexico, he went to California’s Disney World, then to his home in South Carolina to check in with family and home. Right after that, he was off to a Disney Land adventure in Florida with his family just before starting his journey to Montana.

While Dwayne was having fun on his break between assignments, Remede was working hard behind the scenes to assist Dwayne with the seemingly impossible task of obtaining his Montana license in less than the normal time of four to six weeks. We contacted every state where he ever worked an assignment while keeping in continuous contact with the Montana Board. We made relationships and got past the gatekeepers and answering machines at every level in each state to pull off the miracle.

Dwayne experienced some stress because he hadn’t worked with Remede previously. He was worried since he had been burned by several other agencies. We promised Dwayne this wouldn’t happen with Remede, and it didn’t –  Dwayne had his Montana license within 2 weeks!!!

Everything was taken care of and the facility was updated before Dwayne set out for Montana.  He was sitting pretty with the facility who thought it couldn’t be done. A great first impression never hurts!

As he traveled with his co-pilot Baby by his side, Remede watched over them as Dwayne touched base throughout his journey. If we hadn’t heard from Dwayne, then we called to check on him. When he was tired, Dwayne called and we stayed on the phone to ensure his safety. When he wanted to talk to someone besides his canine passenger, we talked. We followed him on Google Satellite, letting him know where the next café was and described pictures of what he would be expecting soon. He knew what town to expect next, and the time it would take to get there. We would alert him on sights to see up ahead and give him an ETA to his destination.

He may have been physically alone in the car, except for Baby, but he was never without Remede.  Dwayne preferred one point of contact, and he had one point of contact. He has a direct line and a personal cell number to call or text, and he is always answered. As a traveler, that is a good feeling!

Check out the second and final blog in our profile of Dwayne later this week!

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