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Travel Nurse Blog: Part 2

April 17, 2015 Posted by Remede in Blog
Remede Consulting Group

On one of Dwayne’s many updates he provided Remede his bucket list of things to do in the beautiful state of Montana. Here is a snippet from a day in the life of our traveler: This was a text message so please forgive grammatical errors!

“I always put forth a bucket list when I go… I did manage to go see Cinderella…  I gave it an 8 compared to a 9 for Maleficent…I picked up a little jigsaw puzzle of the United States… funny how many I travelled in just the last month or so…  Of course now that I am here I have found plenty of “for rent” signs… and now know the better cozy areas.

Still sore from working out so much since I found the gym. Gotta do an extra set for the strawberry milkshake I treated myself to… Back to the bucket list… the Yellowstone Park… the Yellowstone River… Utilizing the new telescope that I got such a deal on… Helena… A microbrewery or 12… Gonna hit the local zoo on Monday.

It warmed up here… Also gonna return to the petroglyph caves… Made some planko shrimp and fish…  Much better than eating the roadside fast food that even the dog has grown sick of… ok, not really, but he still spazzes out at the drive thru… Busy reading, this current book is umm… fables? myths? legends? stories? from all over… I lost a ring I had made at Disney and hope it just got dropped while unpacking most of the car…   “Pack Light!”  – Still keeping an eye out for souvenirs for those at home.

I have begun to fill up my journal of reference for the protocols for this facility… who knows when I will work on the same equipment and have to ponder all those many buttons again…Oddly enough , I have kept semi-track and have talked to nearly 200 new people since I got here. I even met someone from Myrtle Beach that knows a friend of mine…  As well as had the cleaning guy play guitar for me, he knows the musician from New Mexico that I had met while down there… small world at times… Also playing the Monopoly game at the local grocery stores…there are like 12 Albertsons in this semi-small town.

Also found that I am walking distance to the nearest Red Box video… Although I am resting my feet from all the workouts … Well I have my eyes on the horizon for the next adventure (s)…Maybe even somewhere zany… I could get started on getting the dog “worldly” with his paperwork.

Fourth week bucket list continued:

I’m going to drive out thru Riverpoint/Side Park, continue on to the Chief of Many Coups state park and stop at the pictograph caves… Continue on with a packed lunch and head over to Custer’s Last Stand… then loop on back…

Trying to find a Monday night karaoke spot to polish off the day… Busy Making a Siemens MRI Guidebook…and walking “The Baby” here in a second… This is already the start of my fourth week! Oh and the apartment reeks of tasty Italian food from the upstairs neighbors… I am gonna have to meet these people…yum.”

So, as you can tell travelers are unique and interesting people who grab life by the shoulders and shake everything out of it they can. They are the pioneers of the healthcare world and at Remede, we love working with them!

At Remede, our travelers live more in 13 weeks than most of us live in a year! Is it your turn? Contact our staff today to get started on your travel adventures!