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Travel Nursing Salary: What Should You Expect And How Should You Negotiate

November 11, 2014 Posted by Remede in Blog
Medical Staff

Salary isn’t the only consideration when searching for a new job; as a nurse, you are probably concerned with job location, hospital resources, and even the quality of people with whom you’re working. However, the odds are good that pay is a significant factor in your decision-making. From hourly rates to healthcare benefits, it’s important that you know what to expect from a travel nursing compensation package so you can negotiate the best possible package for you and your family.

Understanding Travel Nursing Positions

With travel nursing assignments varying in length from 8 to 13 weeks, it’s no surprise that salaries vary widely as well. However, you may not realize that longer assignments can pay slightly less than those lasting for a shorter time. While this may seem counterintuitive, the truth is that moving is expensive, and the increased job security of a longer position comes with a price. Still, according to, the average travel nurse can expect to earn about $40 an hour plus benefits. If a prospective employer is offering significantly less, you will likely want to negotiate for a higher rate.

Negotiating Your Travel Nursing Salary

Most careers have a little wiggle room in terms of compensation, and travel nursing is no exception. While you may be tempted to accept the first offer on that desirable travel position, take the time to negotiate a compensation package that truly meets your needs. In addition to salary, other components of a compensation package may include transportation to and from the assignment, housing, license reimbursement, health insurance, a completion bonus and time off. Just make sure to have the recruiter put all the details of your offer in writing, or you might find yourself on the other side of the world without the promised perks.

Let Remede Find Your Next Nursing Job

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