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Allied Health Professional? The Value of Working With a Recruiter

Referring to a particular cluster of medical employees, allied health professionals offer a broad array of diagnostic, therapeutic, and tech services in a variety of healthcare settings. Because they don’t exist in neatly defined boxes like doctors and nurses, allied health professionals may struggle to find the best jobs to meet their needs. Here are…

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“Tell me About Yourself” – What an Interviewer Wants to Learn

Competition for the most attractive nursing jobs is fierce, and nurses have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to land the per diem or travel nursing position of your dreams is to make a great impression in your job interview. Here are some facts and attributes an…

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Top Soft Skills to Look For in Nursing Talent

Doctors may receive the majority of the praise, however nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical profession. Not only do nurses provide an invaluable service to patients, easing their stress and discomfort during a difficult time, but they also help health facilities continue to function at top capacity. At Remede, we specialize in helping…

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Five Strategies to Effectively Handle Stress

It’s no secret that a career in nursing comes with significant stress. Not only are these professionals responsible for maintaining patients’ health and comfort, but limited budgets also mean that health facilities are frequently short staffed. As a nurse, learning to handle stress effectively is crucial to avoiding burnout and even preventing potential health issues…

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