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What Makes A Travel Nurse Stand Out In The Hiring Process

Travel nurses fulfill an important role, bringing their skill and expertise to medical facilities around the country. However, selecting the right nursing candidates can be a challenge. Not only must your new nurse possess certain experience, but he or she must also be a good match for the rest of your team. At Remede Consulting,…

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4 Traveling Tips For Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is an exciting career, affording experienced RNs the chance to see the country while helping those in need. As thrilled as you may be to arrive at your new travel assignment, the challenge of moving your life and belongings from point A to point B can be seriously stressful. An expert in healthcare…

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Why You Should Work With A Nursing Recruiter

Nursing is a fantastic career, offering competitive salaries, job security, and the opportunity to help people in need. Still, it can be difficult to find the best nursing position to meet your specific needs and talents. A leader in the healthcare staffing industry, Remede Consulting Group has years of experience helping RNs find fulfilling careers…

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