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3 Things To Do When Leaving A Travel Nursing Assignment

As a travel nurse, you are probably accustomed to doing a great deal of planning before embarking on a new assignment. However, you may not realize that ending an assignment can be equally complex. Whether you plan to seek employment in a new locale, ask for an extension, or even take some time off from…

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4 Resume Tips For Travel Nurses

A resume may just be a piece of paper, but it’s the first one that prospective employers see. As a result, it can significantly alter a hospital’s impressions of you as a job candidate. At Remede Consulting Group, we not only help travel nurses score interviews with top healthcare facilities, but we also work with…

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4 Traveling Tips For Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is an exciting career, affording experienced RNs the chance to see the country while helping those in need. As thrilled as you may be to arrive at your new travel assignment, the challenge of moving your life and belongings from point A to point B can be seriously stressful. An expert in healthcare…

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