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How to Properly Follow Up After an Interview

If you’ve ever applied for a travel job, then you probably know that following up with your recruiter after the interview is a crucial step. However, many applicants don’t know exactly how to follow up without coming across as pushy or annoying. At Remede Consulting Group, we help candidates through every step of the job…

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How EHRs Could Be Negatively Impacting Productivity

It’s no secret that the medical industry is one that involves a great deal of paperwork. And while patients’ records were once kept on paper files, these days many hospitals and health facilities are switching over to EHRs, or electronic health records.  As the federal government encourages modern health centers to make the change, many…

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Be a Leader When You Aren’t the Manager

Just because you don’t have a supervisory title doesn’t mean you can’t take on a leadership role. Whether it’s taking responsibility for the outcome of a project or simply setting an example for your peers, leadership skills are in demand at every level. Forget “It’s not my job.” True leaders pitch in wherever they are…

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