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Housing For Travel Nursing: What Should You Do

Travel nursing is a great opportunity to see the world while using your skill and talent to help those in need. However, because you will be living in a different place, it’s important to consider all your options in terms of housing. Here are some important steps to take with regard to housing and your…

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What Makes A Travel Nurse Stand Out In The Hiring Process

Travel nurses fulfill an important role, bringing their skill and expertise to medical facilities around the country. However, selecting the right nursing candidates can be a challenge. Not only must your new nurse possess certain experience, but he or she must also be a good match for the rest of your team. At Remede Consulting,…

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3 Leadership Tips For Nursing Professionals

As a working nurse, you probably know how hard it can be to deal with the myriad responsibilities that pop up on a daily basis. Because priorities change quickly as medical emergencies arise, nurses must be able to make fast decisions to keep up. Based in Floral Park, Remede Consulting specializes in helping talented nurses…

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3 Ways To Deal With Difficult Patients

The average nurse sees thousands of patients over the course of a career. And while many are friendly and grateful for the aid they’re receiving, some patients are more difficult to handle. To succeed as a nurse, you must be able to deal with upset or irate patients, as well as their family members on…

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