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Avoid Getting Endless Phone Calls for Assignments

It’s no secret that a career in travel nursing offers tons of great benefits. Along with having the opportunity to see the country and meet new and different people, you can learn from other nurses and medical professionals and use your talents to help patients in need. Despite the many benefits of travel nursing, there…

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What Traits Must Travel Nurse Candidates Have?

Nurses have always fulfilled a vital role in our society, and this goes double for travel nurses. Not only do travel nurses visit places both near and far, sharing their skills with other professionals and treating patients in need, but they also allow full-time staff to take much-needed breaks to rest and recuperate. As a…

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Top Soft Skills to Look For in Nursing Talent

Doctors may receive the majority of the praise, however nurses are the unsung heroes of the medical profession. Not only do nurses provide an invaluable service to patients, easing their stress and discomfort during a difficult time, but they also help health facilities continue to function at top capacity. At Remede, we specialize in helping…

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Travel Nurse Blog: Part 2

On one of Dwayne’s many updates he provided Remede his bucket list of things to do in the beautiful state of Montana. Here is a snippet from a day in the life of our traveler: This was a text message so please forgive grammatical errors! “I always put forth a bucket list when I go……

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Travel Nurse Blog: Part 1

Travel nursing and allied healthcare staffing may not be for everyone, but after spending 15 minutes talking to Remede Traveler Dwayne, also known as Mr. Adventure, may make you feel that you’re missing a lot by not traveling. Dwayne is fortunate to be on assignment at the famous Billings Clinic in Billings, Montana. This clinic…

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